Our challenge.

These insanely talented and LEED certified architects had an online brand that was no longer living up to the expectations of their sophisticated audiences. The digital age had moved forward and they weren't delivering the simple and beautiful online experience their refined audiences and high-end projects deserved.  

Good Stuff needed to elevate and streamline the brand while maintaining a down-to-earth tone of voice and approachable attitude they want to be known for. 

What we did.

We distilled their message to a simple and straightforward everyday language to help contrast with the sometimes stuffy language of their competitors. This strategy would help them attract like-minded clients who want an upscale experience without all the heirs and graces. The imagery now conveys actual living spaces, not just well-designed empty structures, making the homes come to life in a way that's more relatable and real. 

The result.

NMA's digital presence now helps them attract their targeted audience and lives up to the high quality of their projects, showcasing their work in a way that lets it shine.