Our rebrand project for Global Fund for Women has won a Graphis Merit Award. It's great to have our work recognized so it can help carry our client's message out there to the world!



Global Fund for Women hired us to help raise awareness about the organization and help answer the often complicated question about what are women’s human rights? As one of the world's biggest foundations for gender equality, they champion women-led, grassroots organizations in over 175 countries. Since 1976, they’ve helped win rights for millions of women and girls.

But the brand was tired and they were losing advocates to newer organizations with less experience. Although though they were pioneers, they weren’t seen as the thought leaders they needed to be in order to grow and reach more people.


San Francisco based communications company Good Stuff Partners crated a new brand logo for human rights organization Global Fund for Women.

The new positioning and identity needed to work a lot harder to explain the complex work they do besides being a women’s fund. To keep things simple, we created an equal sign using the negative space in the letter ‘E’ as a memorable way to visually communicate their new positioning. 

We paired it with a new tagline, Champions for Equality™, that builds on their name and clearly communicates their stake in the ground. Now, someone that knows nothing about them could more easily understand what they do, who they do it for and why it matters.


Research & analysis
Tone of Voice
Brand Architecture

Positioning statement
Elevator pitch
Brand promise
Key messages


Family of fonts
Color palette
Copy style
Photography Style
Brand Book

Brand Launch Campaign
Social media profiles
Proposals & Reports
Architectural signage
Workshops & Training

'What We Stand For' and 'Our Images' shots courtesy of Bowerbird Photography.

Good Stuff Partners have been true partners in every sense of the word. Throughout our branding process, from demonstrating a deep understanding of our needs and vision, to providing supreme creativity, expert project management and nuanced advice at every stage of the branding process, we couldn’t have been more pleased with the collaboration.
— Catherine King, Executive Producer, Global Fund for Women
Global Fund for Women website branding and design by Good Stuff Partners


We developed the strategy and concept for the campaign to launch Global Fund for Women’s new brand. It tells the stories of brave women and girls from around the world who are fighting for the right to self determination. The campaign shares the impact of Global Fund for Women’s work, and rallies the support of advocates so they can help the millions of other women and girls who are still denied their basic human rights.

Bay Area communications firm Good Stuff Partners designed t shirts and other branding collateral for human rights organization Global Fund For Women.
San Francisco design firm Good Stuff Partners created a Determined campaign as part of their brand strategy and identity work for human rights organization Global Fund For Women.


We brought their new headquarters to life using big bold imagery and powerful messaging. The space now embodies their new brand and creates an inspiring backdrop to their work. 

Global Fund for Women office branding example by Good Stuff Partners
Global Fund for Women brand positioning and office design by San Francisco Agency, Good Stuff Partners

Global Fund for Women brand positioning and office design by San Francisco Agency, Good Stuff Partners

Global Fund for Women logo and office design by Good Stuff Partners, a San Francisco based Branding and Design Agency
Global Fund for Women brand vision and office design by Local SF Branding Agency, Good Stuff Partners
Global Fund for Women rebranding office design example by SF branding agency, Good Stuff Partners


Their bold position, identity, messaging and launch campaign appeals to a broader audience, simply tells their story and is helping them to become the ‘go-to’ on gender equality. Employees feel a new sense of comradery and pride and can clearly articulate the Global Fund for Women story and understand how their work impacts the fight for gender equality.

Brand awareness for the launch campaign increased dramatically with over 74 million social media impressions and an increase year on year of 500% in social media engagement. It was the most successful brand and campaign launch in their 28 year history.