We designed detachable paper belly bands that wrap around the bag to make it feel more like a gift.

More importantly, it gave us the outside and inside surfaces to create messages not only about the coffee itself, but about the new Ritual brand. Now they can tell in-depth stories of farmers who grew the beans, educate coffee lovers with illustrated brew guides, announce cafe openings and events, and tell people that they believe being nice is just as important as making the best coffee.


Coffee Farmer Illustration by Jen Kruch


Unique illustrations of their farmer partners brings authenticity and personality to the packaging. 

Ritual buys 98% of their beans directly from their producer partners, setting the highest standard in the industry. This makes sure they not only get their hands on the best beans in the world, but more importantly, their farmers maintain the quality of life they deserve. Telling this story is a critical component of the packaging. 


Flag Illustration by Jen Kruch

Detachable 'baseball card'.


The perforated belly band has a detachable, wallet-size card. It's a handy reminder for customers to use when it comes time to restock their favorite coffee. 


Espresso Machine Illustration by Jen Kruch


Friendly, detailed brew guides help Ritual share their great love of coffee in a fun and down-to-earth way. And because they can print the belly bands whenever they want, they have the freedom and flexibility to use them for more short term announcements and promotions. 


New coffee shop announcement. 

A hIdden message below the fold.