A totally different kind of dog food company.


More than a shelter. 

Our challenge. V-dog needed a major overhaul to catch up to the sophisticated tastes of health & planet conscious pet guardians. They had an amazing product, loved by dog owners, but didn't have a clear position and visual language to bring their brand to life when they communicated with the outside world. What we did. We created a crystal clear brand position for them, and then developed their verbal strategy, ensuring that the brand personality came to the fore. In tandem with this, we created their complete brand look and feel from the ground up. Since then, we've been with them every step of the way, developing their website, social media, packaging, new product positioning, naming and sampling campaign materials. The result. Since the brand relaunch, sales have rocketed, increasing five fold. Distribution has increased and V-dog is now sold in Canada, Europe & Australia.
V-dog brand identity & logo design

Transforming lives, one smile at a time. 

Their brand DNA is ultimately about transforming lives which helped lay the groundwork for the creation of their new tagline, Lives made happy™. Traditionally, the identities of these organizations heavily feature illustrations of dogs, cats, hearts and hands which was a direction we wanted to avoid. Their new identity helps them stand out, but more importantly, supports their new positioning of being inclusive of people as well as other species of animals beyond cats and dogs. Lives made happy™ conjured up images of smiles and led us to creating an icon that could not only be integrated as the ‘u’ in the word humane but be used as a standalone. Designing a universal icon has given them a really flexible element, direct from the identity, that can easily be used across all of their communications from social media to advertising to campus signage and everything in-between.

Taking the brand off leash. 

We worked hard to make sure everyone, from the board of directors, to staff, to volunteers, and important stakeholders, were part of the process, taking time to understand their thinking and how they communicate in the real world. We ran elevator pitch and writing workshops so everyone was armed with the practical tools they needed out the gate. As Marin Humane’s greatest brand ambassadors, it was important they felt the brand was as authentic and inspiring as the amazing work they do.


Logo/Identity Design
Digital & Print Design
Strategy & Positioning
Art Direction
Content Strategy
Packaging Design
Product Naming

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Marin Humane brand & logo design
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Lindsay Rubin VP Operations V-dog

Without deep pockets for a marketing budget, we’re almost entirely reliant on the loyalty of our customers to build our brand. By having just the right position for such a niche audience, we were able to increase our sales 500% after the rebrand.

VP Operations V-dog

 Nancy McKenney, Marin Humane CEO