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Adrian Power


I like to take all that great experience I have from working with giant corporations and use it to build brands with bigger purpose and meaning. 

I’ve been lucky enough to work with a broad range of great brands, products, clients, colleagues and partners, since I started working in the wonderful world of marketing back in 1995.  

Having worked in communications both agency and client side, my background means I have a good understanding of how people engage with brands, and the best way to design and deliver meaningful experiences, no matter what the sector or size of budget.

I specialize in live brand experiences, from integrated brand programs through to producing and delivering individual events. My experience covers consumer, B2B, employee and stakeholder engagement, across a broad range of sectors.

I’ve worked with Salesforce, Toyota, Ericsson,  Lexus, HSBC, Nokia, Hyundai, Philips, UK Department of Health, Audi,,, and most recently, Basis, V-dog, Ritual Coffee, and Energy Recovery.

In my spare time, I love getting up ridiculously early to watch my beloved Arsenal football club (that's soccer to my US friends).