Animal Legal Defense Fund identity design

Animal Legal Defense Fund

Our challenge.

Our animal advocates friends at ALDF asked us for identity makeover. They needed to get rid of the overused paw print design often used by non-profits so they could have a look and feel all their own. They're serious lawyers doing serious work, so their identity needed to reflect that, but in a way that showed their personality and their passion for animal rights.  

The result.

Their identity redesign gives them the respected and established image they needed, but in a playful and lighthearted way. We used the classic burgundy color found on law book covers to give it a nice rich feel and the classic serif font makes it credible. Then we illustrated both a domestic and wild animal to represent both important sides of their work. Overall, the logo itself shows happy animals which is exactly what ALDF is fighting for. 



Animal Legal Defense Fund Branding Exercise Example


Animal Legal Defense Fund Final Branding Logo