About us.
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What we stand for and how we're different.

We put your stake in the ground.
We roll up our sleeves and dig deep to uncover your DNA and what makes you truly different. This is the hard part, but it’s by far the most valuable because it anchors absolutely everything that follows.
We keep things simple and we keep things real.
Telling your story in a simple and meaningful way makes it easier for people to get it in an instant. When we nail this, your audiences become your brand ambassadors and can help grow your tribe in ways money can’t buy. This is the gold dust and why our clients stick with us year after year.
We're personally invested so we sweat all the details.
When we believe what you’re doing is awesome, we’re all in. We work hand in hand with our clients, not at arms length. As a result, a lot of our clients think of us as part of the family.

Meet the team.

We're out to prove that doing good is just good for business.

Aimee Kilmer
Partner & Creative Director
Chris Decker
Senior Designer
Adrian Power
Partner & Brand Strategist
Fiona Meier
Digital & Campaign Strategist
Kelly A. Garcia
Project Manager

Our capabilities.

Brand Strategy

Here we build the foundation of your brand. The guts. Your DNA. How does your brand act, what's its purpose and most importantly, what does it stand for? We call it your stake in the ground.

+ Research & insight
+ Core essence
+ Vision
+ Mission
+ Brand promise
+ Values & culture
+ Personality
+ Tone of voice
+ Brand architecture

Brand Voice

It's not just what you have to say but how you say it. An authentic voice helps you connect in a believable way. Language and tone are essential to helping you stand out.

+ Positioning statement
+ Elevator pitch
+ Brand promise
+ Descriptor
+ Tagline
+ Naming
+ Key messages
+ Copywriting

Brand Identity

Now we've uncovered your brand personality. It's time to define what you look like by developing an identity that truly reflects who you are and makes you unique.

+ Logo
+ Look & feel
+ Color palette
+ Photography style
+ Illustrations
+ Icon style
+ Business systems
+ Brand guidelines

Brand Experience

Every touchpoint will build awareness, encourage dialog, build your following and communicate simply who you are, why you matter and why your audience should care.

+ Web design & development
+ Social media
+ Presentations
+ Proposals & reports
+ Campaigns
+ Advertising
+ Retail & office branding
+ Packaging
+ Events & exhibitions
+ Brand workshops & training


Our partners.

We're lucky to have found some really smart people that help keep us on our toes and make our work as good as it can be. 


When we need juicy insights about our clients audiences, we always turn to Jay Zaltzman and his team at Bureau West. 

When it comes to all things data driven, our SEO guru, Jessica Poulin is the bees knees.

Sam Pohlenz steers our designs in the right direction with his amazing development skillz.