Our challenge.

V-dog needed a major overhaul to catch up to the sophisticated tastes of health & planet conscious pet guardians. They had an amazing product, loved by dog owners, but didn't have a clear position and visual language to bring their brand to life when they communicated with the outside world.

What we did.

We created a crystal clear brand position for them, and then developed their verbal strategy, ensuring that the brand personality came to the fore. In tandem with this, we created their complete brand look and feel from the ground up.

Since then, we've been with them every step of the way, developing their website, social media, packaging, new product positioning, naming and sampling campaign materials.


The result.

Since the brand relaunch, sales have rocketed, increasing five fold. Distribution has increased and V-dog is now sold in Canada, Europe & Australia.

"18 months after the rebrand, sales quintupled."

V-Dog logo design and tagline by Good Stuff Partners

The positioning strategy led to an identity that was both leaf and ear. 

In keeping with the Pooch & Planet positioning, we helped source and launch the very first compostable bag in the pet food industry. 

V-Dog packaging redesign sample by Good Stuff Partners